Winameg - East Chesterfield Parish (Disciples of Christ)

Parish History

   It was under Rev. Black's leadership that the Winameg-East Chesterfield churches met with Dr. Harold Monroe regarding the formation of a parish. The committees from both churches met to make plans for the formation. The first parish service was started on March 20, 1966, with Rev. Black serving both churches.
   Later that same year, a choir was organized which added so much to the service. The first parish cantata was presented at the Winameg Church on Sunday evening, December 18, 1966. Mrs. Wilda Collier from the East Chesterfield Church directed the combined choirs and Mrs. Christine Tappan was the accompanist.
   The Christian Women's Fellowship was organized about 1967.
   Up until 1969, the East Chesterfield congregation was paying rent to Winameg for their share of the use of the parsonage. On April 29, 1969 the parish council recommended to both church boards that a more modern united parsonage be purchased. The Gleason property located one half mile west of Winameg could be bought. It was voted on by ballot and carried by 75%.
   On October 15, the two churches of the parish had incorporated so they could buy the Gleason property. Possession of the property occurred on December 15, 1969. After many years of use, the two churches decided to sell the parish. The parish was sold in summer 2010.
   Throughout the years, the Winameg-East Chesterfield Parish has been served by faithful leaders. In December of 2008, Pastor Floyd Vincent answered the call to serve the two congregations. We praise God that he has sent Pastor Floyd and his wife, Connie to our parish.

May God bless all today and on into the future!

M A Y   G O D   B L E S S   Y O U .